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Important news from Tancho Kushiro Airport

2020.6.12 Request to approach and customer of Kushiro Airport
Common knowledge to customer. jpg
2020.6. 5 News about the new coronavirus infection spread prevention
①Notice final version (building kyo, teikokyoremmei) .jpg

2020.5.13 About alerting about infectious disease in conjunction with new coronavirus (at Wednesday, May 11 13:00)
◆About alerting about new coronavirus infectious disease
(at Wednesday, May 11 13:00)

・In Kushiro Airport related organizations such as Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and
We will try for correspondence in cooperation with company in airport.
・Contents as follows about customer coming to Kushiro Airport
We have you confirm and would appreciate your understanding, cooperation.

[news from Japan emigration and immigration residence management agency]
For expansion of coronavirus infectious disease newer than Japan emigration and immigration residence management agency
We take, and object of foreigner who cannot enter Japan is extended,
We are as follows from 0:00 a.m. on April 29, 2020.
①Foreigner who possesses Chinese passport of People's Republic of China Hubei or Zhejiang issuance
②It is foreigner with a history of stay in area of table within 14 days before arrival at Japan

The name of the country, region name
Iceland, Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Albania, Armenia, Antigua and Barbuda, Andorra, Israel, Italy, Iran, Indonesia, Ukraine, the U.K., Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Australia, Austria, Oman, the Netherlands, Qatar, Canada, Korea, north Macedonia, Cyprus, Greece, Kuwait, Croatia, Kosovo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Saudi Arabia, San Marino, Djibouti, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Saint Christopher nebisu, Thailand, Taiwan, Czech, China, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominican Republic, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway, Vatican, Panama, Hungary, Bahrain, Barbados, Philippines, Finland, Brazil, France, Bulgaria, Brunei, United States, Vietnam, Belarus, Belgium, Peru, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Bolivia, Portugal, Malta, Malaysia, Monaco, Moldova, Morocco, Montenegro, Mauritius, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Romania, Russia

[to all of you entered returning home to Japan]
•Within the past 14 days the face with a history of stay to country, area to quarantine officer
Please report.
•Case and cough medicine agent and antifebrile to have symptoms such as a cough or fever at the time of entry
When you take, please report to quarantine officer.
•Even if put after the entry, in country, area of table in travel career, with a history of stay of the above
Wearing mask when symptom came out, and having stayed in country of table beforehand
Medical institution which called, and contacted returnee, contact consultation center, and was appointed
Please have a medical examination. (please refer to health card distributed in plane.)
•At place where quarantine inspection director appoints entry, person returning home from all areas
You wait for 14 days, and please do not use public transport in Japan.

[from Japan to the departure, all of you made a voyage to]
In large number of countries, areas entry restrictions for Japanese and passenger from Japan
Action restrictions measures after entry are carried out. To these countries, areas
When travel is examined, we refer to homepage of each country authorities and,
You confirm in residence in Tokyo embassy, and please confirm the latest information enough.
Each country, local entry restrictions measures for passenger, Japanese from Japan and
We set a limit to action after entry, entry into a zone (Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage)

[about the infectious disease prevention in airport]
•For prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus to the staff in airport
We encourage mask wearing.
•Doorknob, handrail (we include travolator/escalator) in terminal hall
We strengthen cleaning such as disinfection of baggage cart steering wheel.
•In the users, we wash our hands for prevention of infection spread,
We ask you to hold a cough etiquette positively.
•As we install alcohol antiseptic solution in each site in terminal,
Please use.

[request from the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism]
・Emergency declaration is delivered now in the whole country. The non-pivot non-sudden homecoming
At the next port including movement to step over the metropolis and districts including trip and visit
When arrive, from the viewpoint of prevention of spread of new coronavirus infectious disease,
We would appreciate your waiting severely.
・Particularly, about with symptom to generate heat the use of airmail severely
We would appreciate your being careful.
・In addition, when correspond to at least any of the following, immediately
Please consult with "returnee, contact consultation center".
(1) Of strong symptoms such as suffocation (dyspnea), strong tiredness (lassitude), high heat
When there is either
(2) In (※) that is easy to be aggravated symptom of a relatively light cold such as fever or a cough
In some cases
 (※) Underlying diseases such as elderly person, diabetes, heart failure, respiratory illness (COPD)
Which we use, immunosuppressive drug or anticancer agent undergoing a certain and dialysis for
(3) When symptom of a relatively light cold including fever and a cough continues in except the above
・About the details including contact information, please confirm following Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP.
Reference: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

We leave the People's Republic of China or the Republic of Korea, and let's arrive at airport of Japan now
About plane (thing concerned with passenger transport is best.) doing this,
We seem to limit the arrival airport to Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport
We call for, related Airlines. (March 9, 2020 0:00 a.m. ...)

About the details, please see the following homepage.
※The latest information is account in delivering even Twitter

About new coronavirus infectious disease (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage)
About correspondence of new coronavirus infectious disease (the Cabinet Secretariat homepage)
New coronavirus infectious disease task force (the Prime Minister's office homepage)
Measures that ... each one has for new coronavirus infectious disease
... (the Prime Minister's office homepage) to ask for intellect

In addition, in Japanese Government tourist bureau (JNTO) of foreign tourist at the time of emergency
For safe reliable security, we cope multilingually 365 days for 24 hours
We establish call center "Japan Visitor Hotline",
We cope with new coronavirus-related inquiry.)

2020.5. 1 About shortening of window-adaptive time for airport parking lot
It is news from Kushiro Airport parking lot.

About "shortening of window-adaptive time"

Airport parking lot is open as usual.
But it depends on influence of coronavirus infection spread newer than Friday, May 1
With large decrease of flights of airmail the duration, window-adaptive time including telephone
We shorten as follows.

I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but seem to understand
Ask for your kind cooperation.

Window-adaptive time 9:00-18:00 

Airport support mechanism Kushiro office (2, Tsuruoka, Kushiro-shi)
2020.4.20 Announcement of business hours change of store by influence of new coronavirus infectious disease
By suspension of plane by new coronavirus influence
We are doing shortening in each shop, restaurant in business hours.
I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but understanding
We hope that we can have.

Please refer to each store for the details.

2020.2.27 About transportation of sanitization, antibacterial item by airplane
As for some products of antibacterial item, carry-on, postponement to airplane become impossible sanitization together.
As transportation by plane is prohibited in laws and ordinances as for the following products, please be careful.
kureberimposuta. jpg
※Case that there is not limit about antibacterial item other sanitization currently, but is changed in future
    There is.
2019.4.20 Announcement of cancellation of former Kushiro Airport Line winter season traffic regulation.
As former Kushiro Airport Line does not perform the snow removing between the winter season, it is as follows
As we passed, and was closed, but regulation on schedule was canceled
We will tell.

Gate from 1 regulation section (former Kushiro Airport Line) Kushiro Airport side gate in front of Tsuruoka Shrine

From 2 regulation period November 20, 2018 11:00 a.m. to April 19, 2019 11:00 a.m.
          ※It may be mixed up by climatic condition.

Because we do not perform the snow removing between 3 regulation reason winter season.

4 detours    New Kushiro Airport Line

We install attention signboard in front and behind regulation section and close regulation section in closed gate.

Inquiry window is Kushiro(city) city planning section road river section management charge.
TEL(0154)31-4558, FAX(0154) 23-9778


2018.9.10 [important] About conduct of Airport Terminal power saving
For blackout cancellation in whole Hokkaido area accompanied with Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake, we carry out power saving of Airport Terminal today from Monday, September 10. In addition, this power saving becomes continuation until power supply in Hokkaido restores entirely. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like understanding and cooperation to customer of the use.
2018.9. 6 [September 7] About influence caused by earthquake that occurred in Hokkaido region
Blackout caused by earthquake that occurred in Hokkaido region is dissolved, and Airport Terminal has normal operation. When we relate to Kushiro Airport flights, we plan normal navigation, but confirmation, please daylong on homepages of each Airlines except some lines.
2018.6.18 The Peach Aviation (peach, aviation) Kushiro ⇔ Kansai Line August 1, 2018 service
Peach Aviation (peach aviation) of low-cost carrier (LCC)
We will go into service by Kushiro ⇔ Kansai Line from August 1, 2018.

Tancho Kushiro Airport ⇔ Kansai International Airport 
(1 roundtrip a day, days navigation)

Navigation start :Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Fare :5,290 yen ...


Kushiro Airport Terminal Building Co.,Ltd.

Kushiro Airport Terminal Building Co.,Ltd.